Friday, April 07, 2006

Gospel of Judas

Well yesterday, some scholars revealed the Gospel of Judas and with it the controversial new perspective on Judas. USA Today writes "With a plot twist worthy of The Da Vinci Code, the gospel - 13 papyrus sheets bound in leather and found in a cave in Egypt - purports to relate the last days of Jesus' life, from the viewpoint of Judas, one of Jesus' first followers. Christians teach that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, but in this gospel, he is the hero, Jesus' most senior and trusted disciple and the only one who knows Jesus' true identity as the son of God. ".

How should FPC react and how we should respond? I don't have the time to address all the issues right now, but this weekend (hopefully), I'll post some answers and resources on how we should think and respond to the "The Da Vinci Code" and all of it's assertion and susipion it creates toward to orthodox view of Christ, which will also help us deal with the Gospel of Judas and other Gnostic Gospels.

For now check out Al Mohler's view of the Gospel of Judas:


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