Thursday, April 20, 2006

Book Recommendations

The Church (Contours of Christian Theology) by Edmund Clowney

Dr. Clowney's book is a great book on the biblical definition of the church and it's mission. This book also deals with some controversial topics such as the charismatic movement and the role of women in the church. I would highly recommend this easy-to-read and comprehensive book of the church for all church leaders

Speaking Truth in Love by David Powlison

Dr. Powlison states early in his book, that the gospel is the heart of biblical counseling (an action all Christian should be doing regardless of one's church position), and not just something Christians accept during their conversion. Then Dr. Powlison unpacks how Christians should counsel through the gospel as individuals (Part 1) and as a corporate body (Part 2) by examining scripture, giving personal models, and sharing his godly wisdom. So, if you want to learn how to counsel or love people through the gospel and how the church should pursue counseling formally and informally, this book is perfect for you.

Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000 by Iain Murray

This book is a historic analysis (between the periods of 1950 to 2000) of how generally, evangelicals have lost their identity of standing firm for the gospel for the sake of ecumenicalism (church unity) and intellectually credibility. I thought this book was very helpful in understanding how good evangelicals (Billy Graham, J.I.Packer, and Marty Lloyd Jones) from the past, have dealt with unity among liberals and to see their successes and sadly their many failures, thus giving us the privilege of learning immensely from them. I also thought this was an important book for me, especially in regards to the current issues surrounding the PCUSA

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