Thursday, January 05, 2006

What Type of FPCer Are You?

What type of FPCer are you? Answer "Yes" or "No" to the following questions and check the chart below:

1. Do you know what "chicken-butt" is?
2. Have you played "Powerball"?
3. Do you know that Marie is a "tree" and Big Amy is "Shaq" and Silly is "Silly" and that Kevin, Justin, and Wilson are "SCRUBS"?
4. Have you played "Bang"?
5. Have you eaten at China Bear?
6. Do you know that "everyone is a winner"?
7. Have you played flag football?
8. Do you listen to Chris Tomlin and DCB?
9. Have you heard one of Mike's corny jokes?
10. Do you desire "Basketball Supremacy" and dislike "Darko"?
11. Do you call Albert, "Albert" instead of "Alberto or Berto"?
12 Have you been poked by Matthew, Fernando, Kevin or Justin with their finger?
13 Have you ever said to yourself "that Guillermo sure is loud!"?
14. Have you heard Jenny Jong say how cute Chris Tomlin is?
15. Have you ever screamed "WHOOOOOOOO" at retreats, lockins, service, whenever anything happens, and for pleasure?

0-2 "Yes" - "What's FPC?"
2-5 "Yes" - First time at a fpc lockin, retreat, or church
6-8 "Yes" - I only come during big events
9-10 "Yes" - Baby Voltron or Teen Girl Status
11-13 "Yes" - Young Voltron or Teen Girl Status
13-15 "Yes" - Full-fledge member of Voltron or Teen Girl Squad

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