Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Anh "'re going to New Orleans?" Interview Part 1

I have known Anh Dang, since freshman year of college. She always been a cool girl to hang and to talk to and she has always been a good friend to Julia. So it was an extreme honor to hear Anh's thoughts on life, since it's been hard to keep up with her in New York. It was also amazing to hear her thoughts on going to New Orleans to help minister to that city.

I hope this interview will help you dream a dream on how to love people,


1. Tell us briefly about your background, especially as it relates to God and Christ? Borned and raised in deep in the heart of texas in the city of houston, i began a spiritual journey as a youth sitting in a language and culture class taught by nuns. this laid the foundation of my faith, though at the time, all i knew was that God existed. then in college, attending church on a whim, getting involved in a bible study, & christian fellowship group, I started to discover what it meant to be a person of faith and the idea of letting go (of trying to figure out life on my own terms) and letting God (trusting God with my life by accepting that Jesus was the sacrifice for connecting me back to God). so in the spring of my freshman year in college, i let go and let God.

2. What are you currently doing now?- design consultant in New York City which means i look at things and try to make it look pretty and be functional... specifically, I look at websites and software applications and think of ways in which design can be better implemented to improve its ability.

3. What type of Christian ministry, whether at work or church, are you involved in?- artist/design community where i often get to present the gospel in an interactive project ( i didf or my graduate thesis project.

4. What do you find to be the hardest part of your ministry?- balance and time: time for self. time for others. time for god. time for work. time for play. time for sleep.

5. What advice would you give a young person in discerning God's direction for them in their future occupation and ministry?

Seek wisdom. Feelings often change in a moments notice based on circumstances. through your experiences and the experiences of those you confide in and seek advice from, god has poured out his wisdom to you. seek wisdom and cultivate it. use wisdom to discern what is best. often times you may not know what to do, but trust that things will always fall into place and know that things can also change and be ok with that.

Network.Talk to people who are working in the area you are interested in. The beauty of community is sharing experiences with one another. More likely than not, you will walk away knowing more about if a certain profession or ministry is a good fit.

Be adventurous. Try new things. It'll give you teach you so much as you explore new terrains of whatever it is that you are doing.

Be connected.In what ever you do and wherever you go, stay connected to a communitythat will encourage you, support you, and help you along.

6. What people have influence you the most in your Christian life? in undergrad: laurie lau, mentor post grad: chad karger, pastorgrad: tim keller, pastor, sonja lee, friend

7. What are 5 essential books you would recommend, besides the Bible?

for theological ponderings: total truth, the courage to be, blue likejazz, mere christianity, celebration of disciplines

for good life lessons: oh the places you go, the giving tree, harrypotter books, chronicles of narnia, the little prince (hmmm.. is itweird that these are all children books?!)

8. What advice would you give a young Christian, as he or she walks with God?

Seek mentors (or a community) who can share his/her wisdom and guide you along your journey of faith. Faith is meant to be lived outtogether.

9. What are some of your hobbies?

designing, reading, photographing, traveling, learning, exploring,baking cookies, and eating icecream on rooftops.

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