Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Molher on "Homosexual Unions and Brokeback Mountain"

Being a biblical voice in the public arena is not an easy thing, that's why I admire Dr (Al) Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, so much. Last night Al Mohler was on the Larry King Live Show, speaking against homosexual unions, and throughout the show he was pictured as unloving, naive, and was even called a "bigot".

LARRY KING: For example, you're a reverend, didn't you have some compassion for what happened to the younger one of the two (referring to Brokeback Mountain)?

CALLER: . Have they (Molher and the other person against against homosexual unions) -- my question is, have they ever had the privilege of having a friendship with a gay person? I hope they will so they will not speak of them as sub-human the way they are tonight. It's breaking my heart.

CALLER: Hi, Larry. I just wanted to ask Mr. Mohler and Ms. Parshall, they both sound so bigoted. And since they haven't seen the movie, would they not consider opening their minds and receiving, as Judge Judy says, just receive and see if they will consider going to see the movie? Thank you.

I don't doubt that there are Christians, who are unloving towards homosexuals, but I don't think you can call Dr.Mohler that (both with his words and his message-just read the transcript*). What Dr. Mohler was actually doing was "love" when he speaks against homosexual acts because he is articulating what God has defined as truth love, truth beauty and true joy.

MOHLER states: You know my main concern, Larry, is not with the gospel of heterosexuality, even though I think that's very important. It's with the gospel of Jesus Christ and what I find lacking in the movie, the screenplay and in the short story is any resolution that really brings these persons to know why they were created and how God really intends them to live and how they would find their greatest satisfaction in living just as God had intended them for his glory.

MOHLER (responding to a caller, who has a gay son): I hear this mom, I love her love for her son, but you know, we have to be really careful that we don't accept the wrong things when it comes to behavior, and we don't bless the wrong hopes. And that's where -- I want to come back to say, I don't know thinking about sex that's really all that important to know, that other people haven't figured out a long time ago. But God, our creator has something to say about sex in his word and to that, we're absolutely accountable. But beyond that, Larry, I think one of the sad things about most conversations about homosexuality and especially when you have people like I'm honored to be with on your panel tonight, I don't want for homosexuals to know less joy than they know now. I want them to know more joy, great joy, eternal joy. And I believe that can only happen as they come to know the Lord Jesus Christ his savior and as they find out what God's perfect intention and design was for their lives all along.

So it's important to remember that true love is defined by God's word and it contains boundaries (we shouldn't murder people or marry our mother's- and call it "love"), and love is not based entirely on what "feels" right or how it effects or is defined by our society. God bless Dr. Mohler for providing us a model of strength and love for people and truth.

"Transcript of the Larry King Show:

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Geoff said...

I was studying Greek w/ a couple friends and we took a break to watch the show and found a group of students in the cafe gathered to watch it. I really liked how Dr. Mohler over and over emphasized the sin of all people and the grace of God in the gospel, rather than simply the sin of homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Good work Danny Boy. I saw that too. He was great. It is a shame he does not know about basketball because he could teach you a thing or two.