Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pastor John's Confirmation/Confessional Classes


Please respond and let Pastor John know, if you will be attending his confirmation/confessional classes for March. I think these classes can potentially be a sweet time in studying together the basic tenets of our faith and to understand why these truths are important. (I know I need it, as a recent survey states that I am Nestorian*, but there are many other reasons why I need these classes). I can't stress enough the importance of trying to know who God truly is, as revealed from the Bible. This process of understanding our God is a lifetime process, which have massive effects (even though sometimes we don't notice them) on how we do missions, evangelism, worship, prayer, our job, and etc (basically everything), and this process is not just for getting some survey "right", as I alluded earlier, even though I don't like being called a "Nestorian":)

Also this class should be a sweet time just to be together as a church (career, youth, adults, and Mike) because we don't normally study the word together as a whole group. So I hope everyone will try to come to these classes (the schedule is below).

*relating to an Asian Christian denomination that believes that two distinct persons, one divine and the other human, existed in Jesus Christ. This doctrine was declared heresy in ad 431. (It's funny that it's an Asian Christian Group)


2006 FPC Lenten Youth Confirmation Class Info/Schedule: What: learning the basics of Christian faith and Presbyterian church membership. When: mostly Friday night youth activities during Lent Where: mostly at FPC (see schedule below)

Who and Why?: all welcome; students attending these classes, participating in reflection activities and expressing a desire to affirm their faith in Christ will have opportunity to be baptized and/or join FPC on Easter Sun, April 16, 2006.
Fri Mar 3: I—Creeds Intro: the Chief End of Man, Scripture
Fri Mar 10 or Wed Mar 8?: II—What We Believe About God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Fri Mar 17: III—What Duty God Requires of Us: 10 Commandments; Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer
Fri Mar 24: IV—Duty continued; Presbyterian identity
Fri Mar 31: V—Gospel in Action: Service Project/Testimonies
Thu Apr 6 or Sun Apr 9: VI—Examination by Session

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