Sunday, February 19, 2006

If Theologians were Basketball Players…

Dr. (Mark) Dever would be Lebron James. The reason Dr. Dever would be Lebron is that they are both fun and humorous (just listen to any of Mark’s interviews and watch Lebron’s latest commercials), but when it’s “game time” they become extremely serious about their profession.

Over the years, I have grown to truly admire Dr. Dever for his passion to help churches mature and grow through biblical methods rather than “program-oriented” or through pragmatism.

So future FPC leaders, please look for guidance from Dr. Dever for help in your future ministries.


  1. 9 Marks Ministries – one stop shop on how to minister through biblical means.

  1. “9 Marks of Healthy Church” – this book should be read by all church leaders on how to build a healthy church.

  1. “The Deliberate Church” - this book is really a supplement of the “ 9 Marks of Healthy Church” in which it gives more practical steps on building a healthy church.

4. Capital Hill Baptist – this is Dr. Dever’s church. On the website you can find sermons and articles that are helpful. Also, if you need help with Sunday School material, there’s a Core Seminar selection that is priceless.

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