Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rockets' Play Day

Rockets' Play Day consisted of:

shooting on the Rocket court (I missed all 8 three-pointers...I was nervous)

free hotdogs
free nachos and sodas
BillyBen with Big Jake
Ben with J. Ho (the real one)

me and Luther

Shane playing ping-pong with the kidsBen with Novak
Yao with the people
Yao playing air hockey with the kids

And Dirk scaring the kids


Ed and Alicia said...

that's pretty cool...but I thought Rockets play day with for KIDS!!!

We'll see you at the playoffs.

Geoff said...

You can't really say "ben with..." or "me with..." when the player is like 10 feet behind you and not even aware of your presence.

Jason & Theresa Tarn said...

wow!! that's cool! how did you get to go to the play day?