Friday, January 26, 2007

Ben Witherington and The Environment

On Dr. Witherington's blog, I asked him, "Why Christians should care about the environment?", and he gave, I think, a great answer:

"There are several reasons: 1) of course it is in part because we are fouling our own nest and it hurts other human beings; 2)I believe that the church is always supposed to be about the business of making this a better world by offering up a whole Gospel, both in its spiritual and a social dimension. I recognize of course that the new heaven and new earth will only come in any full sense after Jesus returns. This is what the NT says. However, I also know that Jesus wants to find us being about the Father's business when he comes. And that business involves the salvation and redemption of the world, not just of human souls. So any alleviation of human misery is something that honors our God who will one day bring the resurrection and the new heaven and new earth."

Also over the past couple of weeks, Dr. Witherington has written several articles on his blog about the environment that are worth checking out:

1) Evangelicals and Climate Scientists Agree on Global Warming
2) Global Warming and Evangelicals Part Deux
3) The Smoking Gun--1600 Page Global Warming Report Out Soon

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