Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Theresa Interview

Who's Theresa Tarn???

When I think of "peanut butter", I think of "jelly", like wise, when I think of "Mike Chiu", the image of kites come to my mind. Part of being human is having the propensity to associate and link things with other things. So when I think of Theresa Tarn (formerly Fong), I think of my lovely fiancée, Julia. In fact, ever since I have known Julia (about 8 years) I have known Theresa, who has been and continues to be a big part in shaping and supporting my fiancée, for that I will always be indebted.

Beside being an integral part of my life through her friendship with Julia, Theresa has encouraged me in many more direct ways, such as her letter/birthday notes in college, helping out with the "Wheel of Death" and other games for my retreat, and drawing me this really cool and realistic "Michael Jordan" picture our sophomore year.

Speaking of word association, many would link "Theresa" rightly with the words "creative" or "artist". Ever since I have known Theresa, she has displayed a level of creativity and beauty in the field of "arts" that point to the glory of our creator. So for this interview, I was eager to get her view of the "arts" in the Christian life, which I think you will find helpful.

So I hope this interview with Theresa will encourage you for the glory of God,



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Neil Yang said...

So what is Kunalians...

It's interesting how you decided to start an interview series.

Romans is such an amazing chapter; even though we may only be on chapter 3 still, it still amazes me.

It should be a lesson that continues on forever to remind us. I really wish I get as much as I can before I head off to college.